Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OPI Designer Series in the sun!!!

Hey guys!!! Today I was hanging out at the pool with one of my friends... Before she came over I decided to use one of my new polishes. Yesterday I bought 2 OPI Designer Series colors. I couldn't decide which one to use... so I just used both :)
I first used OPI DS Extravagance. This is a dark magenta color with scattered holographic glitter. It reminds me of red wine :)
I then used OPI DS Reserve to finish it off :) This is a beautiful light pink holographic. Bubblegum almost :)

I love designer series because it is so sparkly, but not at all gritty. I will be getting them all eventually :)


My hobby is singing. I LOVE TO SING. I have to brag... I'm pretty dang good at it!! I will be posting videos one day!!! Also. Fact to know. I cannot dance. I suck at it. Always have and I always will... but I do love to move hahahhaa!



  1. Love it! Holo polishes are so pretty! <3

    I'm Jealous you can sing too?? Amber sings so well and I can't sing AT ALL !LOL

  2. SO good for you, love the two polish color mani, love that dress you have one. what is the sashes for? Love your beautiful nails. Namaste.


    George :)