Friday, December 7, 2012

Wonder Beauty Review! (PICTURE HEAVY)

IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!! This is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year!!!!!Everything is so beautiful, smells wonderful, people are happy and of course- CHRISTMAS NAIL POLISHES!!!! :-)

I was contacted by Jen from Wonder Beauty Products about doing a review for some holiday polishes. She sent me 4 polishes - Winter Wisp, Cherries Jubilee, Strawberry Shortcake and Candy Cane Lane!

I love how she personally writes the names on the labels!! So cute!!!

First is Winter Wisp. This is a light lavender-green color shifting base with bits of light pink glitter shreds. This polish definitely looks like winter! The shreds of glitter remind me of icicles. I used 2 coats of Winter Wisp. The formula was very smooth, and the glitter was fairly easy to place on the nail. It was not hard to remove as well, which is GREAT!!

Cherries Jubilee is exactly what the name is. It reminds me SO much of the tasty treat!!!! This was my favorite out of the 4. It went on great with 2 coats. This polish is a slightly red jelly base PACKED with silver, white translucent, and red glitters. It is absolutely gorgeous. The formula was great, and was completely smooth with a generous top coat. It was a bit tougher to take off, but not bad at all considering how sparkly it is!!!

Is your mouth watering yet? Strawberry Shortcake!!! This polish is so fun! It is a light peach/pink base with small neon glitters everywhere! It has larger fuchsia and white glitters scattered throughout. This polish was opaque with 3 coats. The name fits it PERFECTLY!!!!!! This polish was very easy to remove.

And last but not least!!!

Candy Cane Lane! This is a silvery shimmer base with TONS of red, gold and white glitters (I even saw a few holographic glitters in there!!!) of all sizes and shapes! This polish took a bit of skill to get it positioned on the nail. It wasn't too bad though! A bit of rolling before each nail helped out a LOT! This polish was so pretty! I had such a hard time deciding what to layer it over, but in the end I decided over Zoya Veruschka and Zoya Posh.
Layered over Black

Layered over Zoya Veruschka 

Layered over Zoya Posh

So which is your favorite? Mine has got to be Cherries Jubilee! 

Head over to Wonder Beauty Products on Etsy and look at all she has in her shop!!


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