Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lavish Lacquer OPENING!!!

Hello :-)

So here is the BIG NEWS I have been hinting at for the past while! I AM OPENING AN ETSY STORE SELLING MY OWN NAIL POLISH CREATIONS!!!!!!! I started making polish as a hobby, but decided soon after that I wanted this to be my career. I thought about it for a long while. Didn't know what the right decision was. I prayed that God would send me in the right direction. People kept asking me where they could buy things I was making, and I finally decided it was time!

My company name is Lavish Lacquer and I am going to begin selling my polishes in an Etsy Shop.
I am beginning my business with a collection of 5 colors called The Polished Universe Collection! The colors in this collection are as follows - Life on Mars, Neptune's Rings, Along the Milky Way, Starlight Galaxy and Alien Party! . I am going to open my shop at 12:00 pm Central Time. I wanted to post swatches here first!!!!!

Lavish Lacquers - Starlight Galaxy
Lavish Lacquers - Neptune's Rings
Lavish Lacquers - Life on Mars
Lavish Lacquers - Along the Milky Way
Lavish Lacquers - Alien Party!

So there they are!!!!! To be released at 12:00 pm Central Time! That is 5 hours from now!
PLEASE head on over to Lavish Lacquer on Etsy at 12:00pm and get your favorite colors! Or you can get them ALL!!!

What is your favorite? Please let me know what kind of colors YOU would like to see be released next! 

-Brittany <3

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