Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 2 : ORANGE Nails :-)

Today is another Zoya day!!!

I most definitely love me some Zoya!!

I got this one in the summer BOGO promo as well. (I have used this a lot, though!!!)

I decided to use Zoya Rica. Zoya describes Rica as a warm light coral with pink and orange tones and heavy gold metallic sparkle. ALL of the Summertime and Sunshine formulas are fantastic. All of them go on opaque in one coat. I use 2 just for the heck of it, though :)

In Lightbox

In Lightbox With Flash

I am loving this 30 day challenge!!! It gives me something to do. I love to have a plan :)

I also think it's only appropriate to do a regular 30 day picture challenge, along with this one!!! Since I was doing a picture fact, I'll just go along with it!!
I'll do Day 1 and Day 2 Today

Day 1 : A Picture of yourself with 10 facts.
1. I am a girl
2. I was born in Indiana, but raised in Tennessee
3. My dog Sophie is my best friend, she never gets mad at me :)
4. I have a hitch hikers thumb! :-P
5. My feet are very ugly, so you will never see them!!
6. I love country music, and I love to sing it!!
7. I am very passionate about supporting Mothers Against Drunk Driving ( M.A.D.D.)
8. My mom and sister are my human best friends (LOL!)
9. I am NOT single! Taken by a wonderful man for 3 years on 9/27 <3
10. I have frequent heartburn, and it ticks me off lol!

Day 2 : A picture of you and the person you've been closest with for the longest.
That would have to be a tie between my Mommy and my Sissy. I have known both of them my whole life. Although we don't all get along all of the time, I love both of them unconditionally with all of my heart. 

OK so a little of my day for you... I have 2 kittens (most of you probably know that lol) I have a girl, Trixie, and a boy, Milo. Trixie was born on April 8th, and Milo was around that same time (not sure the exact date for him, he was rescued from a boat dock!!) They have been terrorizing me and my things during their growing out of being crazy time. I have tried many things, and resorted to getting Kitty Caps. These are little non toxic plastic caps to go over their nails. Last time I got colored ones, because I wanted to see them if they fell off. This time, they didn't have their size in colors, so I got clear. I decided to Zoya them up lol. Trixie got Zoya Dannii, and Milo got Zoya Charla. I tried my hardest to get pictures of them, but they are always on the go lol! I am going to try to get a picture, and maybe post it on my next blog, and Zoya's facebook page. Stylish kitties!!!

ALSO--- I am having a giveaway at 100 followers. I've been stuck around 50 for a while... and I don't want to wait tooooo long! I'm getting all anxious!!!

 Stay tuned for Day 3!!!!!


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